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Circle of Life

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and feel a strong sense of gratitude for my life. I realize that life is a circle — we go from infancy where we are dependent on others to take care of us, … Continue reading

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Coaching the Creative Adriane Giberson, an artist/friend for many years, has hit the proverbial nail-on-the-head with this article. I identify with so many of these points. Nothing like hearing your own thoughts from someone else’s point of view. Click on … Continue reading

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Telephone Trees — a rant

Trying to actually reach a person by phone at a health insurance company (or any company that uses telephone trees, for that matter) is a task that could be used as water board torture. I admit that at my age, … Continue reading

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Still Learning WordPress

I wanted to share the photo of Block #1 that I completed yesterday, so I clicked on “Photo” as my purpose in writing. What I didn’t realize was that a photo with caption was all I would be able to … Continue reading

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Block 1 — Summer Nights

This is the first block in the Block of the Month (BOM) series from

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Thoughts of my sisters

At one point in my life I had four sisters — two full sisters and two half-sisters. The two half-sisters were older than my next eldest sister. The eldest half-sister and the younger full sister are all that I have … Continue reading

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Butterflies, butterflies! I forgot about the Butterflies!

        I forgot that I had promised to post a photo of the Butterfly Quilt I made for my friend, Carol Sveilich. Here it is: The fabric on the back of the quilt is called “Minky” and … Continue reading

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