One day at a time

I had thought I’d be able to get one top completed today. But per usual, my day got ahead of me and I fell behind. Still, I’m not complaining.


I managed to get all of the strips for the second quilt top sewn together — in the right order — and pressed. They’re ready to be cut into segments and laid out for the third quilt top. I’ll work on them again tomorrow and see what I can get accomplished.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m putting things aside to take to AZ. I’ve tried to keep my previous notions box together to save having to remember how much stuff I had in it when I took it with me last winter.  I have lots of projects to take along <chuckling here> and finish while I’m over there. But I have volunteer commitments there as well as here, so I might not get as much done as I’d like. We shall see…

We bbq’d chicken breasts in a different way last night. I’d set boneless, skinless breasts out to defrost in the refrigerator. When I took them out of the packaging, I was stunned to see the size of the one breast. There were only 2 breast halves in the package and the package was over 3 lbs.! My plans were to cut one breast into strips and make Bisquick Ultimate Chicken Fingers But I also had a package of Chicken Helper Sweet & Sour mix in the pantry. But I didn’t have pineapple chunks or carrots, so that kind of let that fall to the wayside. Plus, that one breast was HUGE. I’d only seen something that large on a turkey for gosh sake!

Bisquick Ultimate Chicken Fingers

The only problem with these Bisquick Ultimate Chicken Fingers is that they are SOOOO good that we usually eat 2 servings instead of one. It’s a nice, easy meal when coupled with a salad.

Anyway, back to the bbq. I sprayed two 8″ square pans with cooking spray, put the breasts in, one to a pan, and seasoned them. On one I used McCormick’s Chicken seasoning and on the other I used Garlic salt, Sweet Basil and Parsley. I added a bit of water to each pan and covered them with aluminum foil. I took them out to the bbq and fired up two of the four burners, putting them on low. Then I put the pans with the chicken up on the top rack and closed the lid. I set my timer for 25 min. After the first 25 min. were up, I turned the chicken breasts over, recovered them and re-set the timer. At the end of the second 25 min. period, the smaller of the two chicken breasts was done and smelled heavenly. I had a pasta salad cooling in the refrigerator and so we had this first chicken for dinner. Letting the second, larger breast go for another 30 min., I checked it for doneness and it was perfect. I took it off the fire, brought it in and wrapped it in foil. That’s tonight’s meal, which is running late because I was sewing all afternoon. And now here I am, writing, instead of cooking in the kitchen.

So I leave you with wishes for safety, wellness and happiness. Take care…

About tehachap

The easiest way to define myself is as a very happily married woman with two sons and two grandsons. My hobbies include reading, writing, sewing, trains (watching, photographing and running them in G scale), and travel. My husband and I are retired and we spend our winters in Arizona. I used to own a secretarial and desktop publishing business, but closed it when my husband retired in 1999. We have truly enjoyed our retirement years, and have fulfilled one of our primary goals in life and that is to own a home overlooking train tracks so we can watch trains 24/7. We are sincerely blessed in this life.
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One Response to One day at a time

  1. mageb says:

    You just sound glorious. Like you here. You must have let all the pressure go by and get comfortable in yourself. I don’t volunteer as much as you do so there are somedays that are a bit empty. I don’t mind tho. I make the time to read here instead.


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