Saturday, April 2, 2016


The park has a gardening club and they plant petunias and other bedding plants all over the common areas in the park. I’ve volunteered to deadhead plants but have yet to make contact with the club. Perhaps next year, if we arrive earlier, I can get involved with the group. This year has gone by so fast.

I walked over to the library earlier and someone had dropped off a box of books. I removed them from the Return Books Here box and began sorting them out onto the dining room table there by the bookcases. On Wednesday and Saturday nights the table is used for Train Dominoes, but otherwise, it’s for residents to set their IPads and laptops on. The library is a hot zone for WiFi. Besides the huge wall of bookcases, there’s two nice large dining room sets and a couch in the room. There’s another couple of bookcases for books and videos, and a table and chair for the travel agent to sit at when she’s here to sign people up for trips. And, there’s a telephone alcove where you can make phone calls with a calling card. Nice…

Back to the books, I took back 2 books  “Drums of Change” by Janette Oake, and Nora Roberts’ “Captivated.” I brought home 4! Sue Grafton’s “V is for Vengeance“, Patrick Lynch’s “Carriers”, and Sam Eastland’s “Eye of the Red Tsar“. Oh, and “The Best of  The Best of Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers” that looked brand new. That one went into the bathroom immediately upon my return home. It may even wind up at our other home!

I am still having difficulty with night time pain in my shoulder and back so sleep is catch as catch can, moving from the chair to the couch and at times an hour or two in bed. I’ve also been fighting a sinus infection, and had pain in my right cheekbone for the first time the other day. It came on suddenly, and I was startled to feel it as it hadn’t bothered me much at all previously. It had to be my sinus passages crowding the bones. But this too shall pass.

It’s a tad warmer here today and I’ve ran the a/c a bit. There were dozens of people in the Phase I pool and spas, and people laying about in the chaise lounge chairs, getting their dose of skin cancer! I’m not a sun worshiper–I get hot enough without being in the sun, so avoid exposure to it at all costs.

Be safe, be well, and please be happy. Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to tell those you love that you love them.


About tehachap

The easiest way to define myself is as a very happily married woman with two sons and two grandsons. My hobbies include reading, writing, sewing, trains (watching, photographing and running them in G scale), and travel. My husband and I are retired and we spend our winters in Arizona. I used to own a secretarial and desktop publishing business, but closed it when my husband retired in 1999. We have truly enjoyed our retirement years, and have fulfilled one of our primary goals in life and that is to own a home overlooking train tracks so we can watch trains 24/7. We are sincerely blessed in this life.
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One Response to Saturday, April 2, 2016

  1. mageb says:

    If you are avoiding the sun, don’t forget to take your vitamin D. 🙂 That library area sounds wonderful. I would be right at home there. Stay cool.


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