DAY 20 NAJOWRIMO October 20, 2016

This was what our view looked like two days ago on the 18th. I thought I had posted here, but apparently, I didn’t, bimg_4345ecause I couldn’t find an entry for the 18th. I had only missed one day of writing up until the 18th. I know I’ve been very busy finishing the quilt for the friend’s mother, but thought I was staying on top of my writing as well.

The quilt is finished and was picked up yesterday. Theresa brought us a supply of fresh egg rolls and sauce and that was what we had for dinner last night. I hate to admit that we ate all 30 of those egg rolls — they were scrumptious! I’ve asked Theresa to teach me how to make them and she says she will on her return from her visit to the Philippines. And, happily, she’s been hired for the new Dunkin’ Donut shop that should be opening around the first of December.

img_4351Here is the finished quilt. You can see the pocket near the top with its horizontal strips bordering the top and bottom. It really did turn out nice.


Today is going to be a busy day–we have a breakfast to go to this morning and then this evening I have a meeting of the Loose Threads quilting group. They’re going to be making purses tonight but I plan on taking a project to work on. I want to get back to my pillow project for the Depot gift shop. I have the pleated ruffle ready to be attached so I think I’ll take my machine and all of my materials and finish putting the pillows together. I can stuff them when I get back home.

We have an electrician coming tomorrow morning to replace the three can lights above the kitchen counter. They’ve been troublesome ever since we moved into the house. The lights  should have lasted for 10-15 years, but they keep going out. We think it’s because they’re HD (High Density) lights, they generate heat, and being situated over the cooktop, the ballast overheats and burns out. We’ve replaced bulbs over and over again and now for the past several months, the middle light has refused to work at all. We had talked to the electrician last year about replacing all of the lights and we said we’d do it after we returned from AZ. When we came back from AZ, the lights were all still working o.k. so we let things ride. Then the middle light died and here we are. At least it’s cooler now than in the summertime. The electrician says he’d been experimenting at home to practice taking the can lights out without destroying the ceiling and creating a mess. I hope it works o.k. We shall see.

Our company from New Zealand, Robin and Rhonda Scanes, will be here next Monday. They’ll be staying with us for 2 days. We’ll have to have a get together with our other friends, Doug and Sheryl, who also know the Scanes. I can remember the first time that I had Doug and Sheryl over when Robin and Rhonda were visiting. I made tacos and Robin and Rhonda had never had them before! That was a fun evening, and I’d even made Flan for dessert! I think we’ll wind up going out to eat this time. I’ll see Sheryl and Doug today at breakfast and see what their schedule looks like for then.

Well, it’s almost time for the other half to get up and I need to get in the shower, so will close this for now and hope to not get carried away and forget to write again. Be safe, be well, and please be happy. Be sure to tell those you love that you love them!








About tehachap

The easiest way to define myself is as a very happily married woman with two sons and two grandsons. My hobbies include reading, writing, sewing, trains (watching, photographing and running them in G scale), and travel. My husband and I are retired and we spend our winters in Arizona. I used to own a secretarial and desktop publishing business, but closed it when my husband retired in 1999. We have truly enjoyed our retirement years, and have fulfilled one of our primary goals in life and that is to own a home overlooking train tracks so we can watch trains 24/7. We are sincerely blessed in this life.
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2 Responses to DAY 20 NAJOWRIMO October 20, 2016

  1. mageb says:

    Yes, that’s a happy little strip quilt. Cheery and useful. Yes, I missed you and am so glad to see you. I have to go to JoAnnes as I have no dark green fabric for below my weeds. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • tehachap says:

      You could take me with you!! I have coupons!!! LOL … actually, I’ve pulled out all of my green fabrics, and the oranges to make a candle mat tonight. It’s quilting group meeting tonight so I have a project to take along and make because I didn’t want to do the purse that they have scheduled for tonight. I think I’ll cut out two candle mats. They’re really neat looking — just got the pattern in the mail today from an online friend in Idaho.


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