Monday, February 20, 2017

There’s a promise of more rain today and through the week, with the possibility of snow by the end of104_0043 the week. It’s good to have all of the rainfall to fill up our reservoirs and water table, but not so good for the landslides, potholes and sink holes that come from too much rain.

We had a bit of rain damage in our laundry room, but not bad, considering.

Robert continues to improve, he naps a bit between reading his books, but isn’t up to much more than that. He’s only slightly bored at this point, so hopefully the next visit to the Urologist/Surgeon will give him a bit more leeway to activities. We’ll stop in at Doug’s Hobby shop there on Chester and that might spark a renewed interest in working on his trains. We’ll have to see if he can get permission to go up and down the stairs first! For now, stairs are off-limits to him.

Be safe, be well, and please be happy. Know that you are loved, and try to keep a positive outlook in your thoughts. Be sure to remind those you love that you love them.




About tehachap

The easiest way to define myself is as a very happily married woman with two sons and two grandsons. My hobbies include reading, writing, sewing, trains (watching, photographing and running them in G scale), and travel. My husband and I are retired and we spend our winters in Arizona. I used to own a secretarial and desktop publishing business, but closed it when my husband retired in 1999. We have truly enjoyed our retirement years, and have fulfilled one of our primary goals in life and that is to own a home overlooking train tracks so we can watch trains 24/7. We are sincerely blessed in this life.
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4 Responses to Monday, February 20, 2017

  1. mageb says:

    Thank you so much for the update. Tell him please that we care.

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  2. tehachap says:

    You’re welcome. The guys from the Depot came by today after they’d had lunch. They offered to pick him up next week so he could join them for lunch. He said he’d see — I even offered to take him and drop him off, go run errands and come back and pick him up. Not up to it yet. It’ll take time…


  3. Musings says:

    Thank you so much for your visit and your kind comment. I’m so sorry for all the worry you are having to go through. Your husband is very lucky to have you supporting him. My sister-in-law lives in California and we’ve heard about the drought and then the constant rain. I sure hope the weather stabilizes soon.

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    • tehachap says:

      We had a flooded lower level the first winter we spent here in this house (2008). The french drains failed and we had altered the front landscaping without really thinking it through. Everything got repaired and no more flooding! It’s good to see the hillsides so very green, and I know the wildflowers will be fantastic, as will the weeds! LOL Hang in there and I shall do the same… I was the family caregiver and was a hospice volunteer before moving here, so am familiar with the care-giving role. I know my husband would care for me if our positions were reversed.


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