Monday, May 1, 2017

We had dinner out (and breakfast too!) for the past couple of days, to the point where I would have needed a shoe horn to get anything else in our refrigerator. So tonight was an easy meal of leftovers–chicken fajitas, Spanish Rice, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Robert began weed whipping the lower level today. He worked for about an hour and then took a break before going back and working another hour. When he tested his blood sugar before dinner, it was at 73–just a wee bit on the low side. I’m glad dinner was something that wouldn’t run his numbers back up too high. It really is a balance thing–the right foods in the right amounts, and exercise. We’ll see what his numbers look like in the morning.

I worked on the binding for the latest quilt while watching “A Pet’s Life” on Netflix. I fell asleep, and so did Robert. Can’t believe that movie didn’t keep me awake the whole time. It was hilarious. I think I was just tired…still am tonight. I do have trouble sleeping through the night — like a newborn baby, I’m awake every 2-3 hours, no matter when I go to bed. Ah me… it’s still a good life.

Be safe, be well, and please be happy. Life is fragile, treat it and others with kindness. Be sure to tell those you love that you love them.


About tehachap

The easiest way to define myself is as a very happily married woman with two sons and two grandsons. My hobbies include reading, writing, sewing, trains (watching, photographing and running them in G scale), and travel. My husband and I are retired and we spend our winters in Arizona. I used to own a secretarial and desktop publishing business, but closed it when my husband retired in 1999. We have truly enjoyed our retirement years, and have fulfilled one of our primary goals in life and that is to own a home overlooking train tracks so we can watch trains 24/7. We are sincerely blessed in this life.
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2 Responses to Monday, May 1, 2017

  1. mageb says:

    So sorry about the lack of sleep. Glad Robert is up and doing tho.


    • tehachap says:

      I’m finding with the warming weather that there’s a plant that is pollinating the airways and my eyes have been itching soooo bad yesterday and today. I’ve had to take allergy pills and use drops in my eyes. That makes me droopy lidded but at night I’m wide awake. 😕 No rhyme nor reason, and for sure, no rest for the wicked!



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