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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 — Such a beautiful day today. Our weather has turned back to winter temperatures, but the sunshine is warm and most welcome. Hard to believe it’s Summertime with temperatures hovering around 50 degrees.

We have a realtor selected for listing our home. He came to check the house out the other day and said it would most likely sell quickly. The market is very active right now and people are often paying more than the asking price for homes. I’m still packing and sorting out our possessions. Decisions, decisions! LOL

We’ve already had one person interested in purchasing the house, and it’s not even officially on the market yet. I gave him the Cook’s Tour of the place and after viewing the house, we adjourned to the deck to catch a few trains moving through down below. Nice of the trains to cooperate and show up for us.

The kids were up this past weekend and we had a great visit. Then yesterday, the younger son arrived with the ex-daughter-in-law of Robert’s older brother. She wanted to see our home before we sold it. We were pleased to have her visit. It was hinted that she was considering relocating to California from her home in Kansas. I can’t blame her–California may be expensive, but it’s a wonderful place to call home. We love living here in Tehachapi and wouldn’t think of living anywhere else.

I saw the cardiologist yesterday and he’s told me to stop taking two medications. They aren’t the ones I wanted or expected to stop taking, but fewer drugs is fewer drugs and I’ll take whatever I can get. I told him about my truly debilitating muscle cramping and he suggested I eat a banana every day, or to drink coconut water. He also said I needed a defibrilator to prevent a sudden fatal heart attack. He told me that the heart monitor that I will soon wear isn’t like the older models, but merely a patch that they put on my chest. I’m waiting for a phone call from his office in Bakersfield to set appointment to have the patch installed. Should be interesting.

The younger son went to the store for drinks last night and came home with fresh bananas and a variety of coconut water. Nice kid!! The dr. also said he wanted a new blood test, so this morning I went for another fasting blood draw. When I returned home, everyone was waiting and we headed out to the Keene Cafe for breakfast.

The kids left to return home shortly after we got home from breakfast. It’s strange how much you look forward to having your kids visit, but are so very happy when they leave to return to their own homes. I have another doctor’s appointment this afternoon and then no more appointments for me for the interim. Hooray!

Our replacement dwarf Crepe Myrtle trees arrived on Monday and we’ll need to get them in the ground today. They’re really cute. I’ll share photos once they’re planted.

Not much else to report so will close with blessings to all. Be safe, take care of yourself and remember to tell those you love that you love them.

About tehachap

Happily married and retired, my hobbies are quilting, reading and anything to do with trains (watching, photographing and running them in our G scale garden railroad). My husband and I have truly enjoyed our retirement, and have fulfilled one of our primary goals in life and that is to own a home overlooking train tracks so we can watch trains 24/7. We are sincerely blessed in this life.
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10 Responses to View From My Window

  1. dkzody says:

    Terry wore one of the patch monitors for 3 days. You just can’t get it wet, but otherwise it’s unobtrusive. Can you take potassium supplements? Decades ago my GP told me there was no way I could get enough potassium from a banana so to take supplements. I was hospitalized twice for low potassium/sodium levels but once I started on the supplement, I’ve been fine ever since. Hope you can get your levels all straightened out so you can work on purging and moving.

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    • tehachap says:

      You know, it’s funny, but one of the doctors I saw in the past gave me a prescription for Potassium and when it ran out, there were no refills so I began taking the supplement. Then, I couldn’t find the dosage I’d been taking so turned to the pharmacist and he told me I shouldn’t take the supplements because the wrong dosage was dangerous, so I have gone without. I’ve come full circle… and a painful one at that. I told the nurse practitioner today that I felt like I wasn’t really being watched over well by all the various doctors I’d been seeing (in and out of the hospital). It’s been a three year battle of trying to breathe with no real answer other than the latest statement by the latest cardiologist — I have atrial fibrilation. He says I need a defibrilator, not a pacemaker. Thank God, we’re limited to one day at a time — don’t know if I could take more than one at a time! Hugs…


      • dkzody says:

        I’m not good at doing one day at a time. I’m always plotting & planning, worrying & fretting about what needs to be done and how, when, where it will all be taken care of. It’s my worst bad habit now in retirement. Just relax, I try to tell myself.

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  2. Joanne Noragon says:

    Is is good when the children leave and the routine returns. I’m glad you’re keeping up with the dr.

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    • tehachap says:

      I did receive the awaited phone call today to schedule the application of the heart monitor patch. I’ll wear it for 2 weeks. It’ll be interesting to see what the results are. I also got a booster pneumonia shot today and am a bit wiped out tonight.


  3. Ellen Abbott says:

    I wore one of those monitors for 24 hours and then again for 3 weeks (I think, maybe 4) but my insurance wouldn’t pay for the newer less obtrusive one so I got the 5 patch set up with the dangly wires and monitor I had to carry around all the time. I had to change the patches every three days and then my skin started breaking out so they sent me the non-allergic patches. so you might inquire about that if you have sensitive skin.

    and leg cramps. I used to get those too, nearly every night, until I started working out at the gym 2 or 3 days a week. I don’t do that anymore, now I do yoga which I can do at home and also at class and don’t really get leg cramps anymore unless I go for too long without stretching my legs. when I stopped for about 10 days to see if my arm would stop hurting, I got leg cramps a couple of nights.

    I’m glad your realtor thinks the house will sell fast. we thought my sister’s house would sell fast but it didn’t.

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  4. Sounds like you are making good progress – packing and organizing to move is so difficult. Take it slow. Do you think your kids will be able to help with the process?
    I know what you mean about the kids visiting. I LOVE having them but also relish the quiet afterwards.

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    • tehachap says:

      I’m sure the youngest will be here helping, as will my niece and possibly her husband and son. Perhaps the two grandsons will help as well. We’ll have to wait and see what the furniture situation looks like because I know we have too much furniture for the smaller place.


  5. mageb says:

    Have you found the house you are going to buy? Then you will know what furniture to keep. I began getting rid of things last year, and the books were the hardest for me to let go. I think of you every day.

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