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Wednesday, August 31, 2022 — Hump day! With the projected temperatures to be in the three digit range in Bakersfield today, I called and canceled the appointment we had for this afternoon. It was for a dermatologist for Robert and there’s nothing serious enough at the moment to make us subject ourselves to that kind of heat. Notwithstanding, I just didn’t feel well enough to make the drive today. And, when I came into the office this morning, the answering machine was beeping. My appointment for tomorrow with the cardiologist’s nurse practitioner has been canceled. I called to reschedule for a time next week. Hopefully, I’ll be stronger by then and the temperature will be lower. One can hope.

One of my cardmaking friends posted that she and her husband had purchased a winter retirement place in Florida. This prompted me to congratulate her and say that we had truly enjoyed our winter place in Apache Junction, AZ, and I added a link to That’s all it took to put me down the Internet rabbit hole for at least half an hour. The Roadhaven web site had been redone and was drawing me in! LOL In looking at the homes for rent, it occurred to me that once this house is sold, we would have the spare income necessary to visit our friends there in Roadhaven. We’d fly over, naturally, and rent a place for a week or two there in the park. Depending on Robert’s and my health, it could be done. A nice dream for the future, at least. Especially tempting because we’ve lost two of our dear friends there in the park this past month. We’re none of us getting any younger, it seems.

I’m trying to take it easy these days. Walking slower; thinking before I pick something up; trying to be a good patient! I haven’t got on the treadmill yet, but I will… I need to be feeling stronger than I am at this point before I get onto a moving platform. LOL

Please be safe. Take good care of yourself because you are special and are important to anyone who knows you, family OR friend. You are needed in this life. Blessings to you and yours, and be sure to tell those you love that you love them.


About tehachap

Happily married and retired, my hobbies are quilting, reading and anything to do with trains (watching, photographing and running them in our G scale garden railroad). My husband and I have truly enjoyed our retirement, and have fulfilled one of our primary goals in life and that is to own a home overlooking train tracks so we can watch trains 24/7. We are sincerely blessed in this life.
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8 Responses to View From My Window

  1. Easy does it, my friend. I’m wondering if this procedure entitles you to any physical therapy under Medicare – might be a good thing, some guidance with the physical exertion program.

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    • tehachap says:

      I’ve been wondering the same thing, though we don’t have Medicare. We have Federal Employee’s Health Benefits through Robert’s retirement. I’m fairly sure I can get it if I ask for it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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  2. Joanne Noragon says:

    Glad to hear you’re taking it easy. Your heat days are like my snow days last winter.

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    • tehachap says:

      My thinking about doctor’s appointments and having to leave the house has undergone some revision, that’s for sure. These days, between all of the virus mutations and the heat, I’m content to stay where I am. Notwithstanding, I’m finding that I don’t get it together until about noon, no matter when I get up in the mornings. :/


  3. Cathy says:

    Little word of warning – and yes everyone reacts differently – but please think carefully about taking Robert on a journey he hasn’t experienced for quite a while. He could be fine on the way out but worsen considerably while away. I can’t remember the name of the blog (something about life’s surprises I think) but one wife had an awful time with her husband when that happened.
    Take care of yourself Carol… have to look after yourself first so you can look after others

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    • tehachap says:

      Thank you… and yes, it was “One of Life’s Little Surprises” and I’ve kept my friendship with Carole after her husband passed. I would naturally play everything by ear when planning on a trip anywhere with Robert for a variety of reasons, notwithstanding his dementia. Hugs and thanks!

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  4. 67andgood says:

    I hope you do feel stronger as the week goes by. Sounds like plenty of good dreaming to do while you wait.


  5. Dan Antion says:

    I hope you continue to improve, even if only slowly. Avoiding the high temps is a good idea.Sometimes, buildings can’t get very cool, so you go in, expecting to cool down, but it doesn’t happen like you hoped.


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